1. 30               Dubai – Traders in Karama face prosecution from today if they continue to sell fake branded  christian louboutin  clothing and other items. The Dubai Economic Department has pledged to rigidly enforce a ban on the 2010 christian louboutin shoes sale of cut price designer clothing and louboutin shoes. Traders in the area were given three weeks to get rid of their fake items on July 28 when the economic department announced its crackdown. Shops in Karama have long had a reputation for selling counterfeit clothes, handbags and watches at a fraction of the cost of the real  louboutin shoes products. The area has been popular with tourists and residents alike who dubbed it Calvin Karama after the fake Calvin Klein jeans and shirts which were openly on sale.

  2. Jag beställde 5 st 2-pack, 290 kr med frakt ! Snacka om billigt ! Annars kostar ju 1 st 2-pack 279 kr (iallafall där jag bor) :)Tack för tipset!Kram Kicki

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